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Sam story of the week (05/13-05/19 2007)

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Alicia had the kids out late to Hanna and David’s last week. Gets home about 8:15 with Sam just fallen asleep and waking back up.  I take him upstairs, set him on the sofa beside me after giving him a drink of juice and just snuggle up together for a minute.

Me: Sam, it’s about time for us to brush teeth and read books and get in bed.

Sam: Can I watch a Sammy DVD?

Me: Not tonight buddy, it’s too late for that.

Sam (sniffling): But I want to watch a Sammy DVD.

Me: Sorry buddy, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow, we’re going to read books though.

Sam (sniffling with a hint of merlot): well, can I watch a short video on your laptop then?

Me: Sure buddy, after we brush teeth and read books.

Sam (more whine than sniffle now): But I want to watch it now.

Me: Sam if you whine about it you’re not going to get to watch anything.

Sam (sniffling again): Daaad. you hurt my feelings… and…. that means I get to watch a DVD (grin).

I laughed, said “no, but good try” and he went to bed OK.


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May 21st, 2007 at 11:33 am

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