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The Tooth

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Or, more accurately, the teeth…. four of em. Grace went to her dentist this morning, with Mom and Dad in tow. She was prepped ahead that they would do “buzz” in her mouth, and was sedated. We’ve learned that A) she’ll be a funny drunk and B) that she’s also likely to turn into a mean drunk, and C) She’s strong willed. Which is another way of saying we didn’t learn anything. The office staff were great and when the sedation set in it seemed like it might be an OK day to try for two fillings and a couple crowns.


by Justin Mclean

It wasn’t.

She started screaming and fighting it as soon as they opened her mouth for Novocain and it continued the whole time she was in the chair as they put in the two fillings. It took mom holding her arms, me holding her feet, and an assistant holding her head for the dentist to even get those done. We’re now scheduled for a visit to the hospital with an anesthesiologist to do the two crowns for her. I’ll upload some pictures of the ordeal soon.


Written by cpillsbury

February 28th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

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