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New Dream job?

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I’ll admit my most semi-realistic “dream job” would involve something for the Braves organization that would allow me regular access to all the home games (I’m just not sure how computer geek and baseball nerd work into a paying job title, or how I’d ever talk my wife into that one). That said, I may have a new dream job (this assuming “novelist” and “millionaire” don’t come to pass). I want to work as a librarian at Skywalker Ranch.

My favorite part of Skywalker Ranch is the library and archives (the archives I am allowed to see, at least; I’m told there’s a secret building of large movie props, costumes and original scale models). Lucas started his own research library in 1978–its early duty was researching plot, wardrobe and design for “Raiders of the Lost Ark”–and a decade later, he purchased Paramount Pictures’ collection of books, periodicals and clippings. Then in 2000, he scooped up the Universal library, which dates to the 1920s.

[From Inside George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch - Los Angeles Times]


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February 28th, 2008 at 10:10 pm

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