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We just got back from the JoCo show.

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Grandma made it up in time to watch the kids and Alicia and I went to see Jonathan Coulton play at the Variety Playhouse down in little five. By my estimation it was about 15 years ago that I went to my first show, and it was at the Variety Playhouse as well. I went (with somebody, I think Brian Winslett) to go see Radiohead play there, when their song Creep was just becoming a hit. The Urge opened up for them which led me into numerous years of trying to explain that I enjoyed The Urge, not Urge Overkill (though UO weren’t bad at times). The Urge was a loud raucous band that played some blend of ska/punk/reggae/metal/rock (the description of which sounds vaguely like Skankin Pickle but I don’t consider them similar bands). Radiohead was much louder than I expected, and it was a great show in a relatively small venue. There were about 400 people there tonight, and probably about 1000 or so back in 1993 for Radiohead.

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Of course coming back to see a show in a venue I’ve not set foot in for at least ten years made me feel old. Combine that with the fact that Radiohead is playing soon at Lakewood Amphitheater (a venue where I went to see Lalapalooza and other multi-act “big shows”) didn’t help either. The opening act tonight were Paul and Storm, who were quite entertaining. P&S were throwing out moon pies to the occasional audience members (including the guy wearing the light-up LED equalizer shirt… did I mention this was a nerdy crowd?), and there was a large amount of crowd participation for both sets. JoCo hit most of the songs I was hoping to hear, and was a bit punchy and jet-lagged which made for very entertaining set. All in all it was a great show. The highlight was probably the mid-song break during Soft Rocked By Me in which P&S went into a plethora of random soft rock songs (the ones Alicia knew far better than I), though the audience participation during Re: Your Brains and the encore cover of Sweet Caroline were pretty great too.

Amazingly Alicia had a good time (and not just because we went to Flying Biscuit to eat dinner before we went to the show).


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March 23rd, 2008 at 1:18 am

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