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Photography business idea

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Those who have known me a while know that I was planning on being a photographer at some point in my life (my senior pictures in high-school had my Canon EOS A2E in my hand). So I keep up with a few photography related sites ( I’m loving the new This Week in Photography from some of the guys from Macbreak Weekly), and I came across this idea for adding value to a photography business.

The best strategy though is always to give away something that costs you little, is valuable to the client, and brings you benefits too.

One of the best options might be to give a wedding client a year’s free membership on Flickr and offer to place the images you’ve shot on the site.

[From Finding Freebies]

I recently upgraded our flickr account to a pro one for the year to get the benefits of unlimited photo sets, and see how well the service worked for me (incidentally I got the 10 sample Moo cards yesterday and they ROCK). I love the idea here and wish more photographers would offer something like this. I’d be very interested in an independent portrait photographer who charged me X for the pictures and included that they’d go up on flickr into an account for me to order the prints myself. I’d also like the option as a client of having them “extend” my membership for an extra year, or give me a discount if I already have the membership. And of course I always entertain the possibility of doing some freelance photography and using this idea myself.


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March 27th, 2008 at 6:07 pm

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