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I’m actually tempted by these goofy things (largely because I feel bad about the handful of bonsai we’ve killed at our house)

The lenses block out the green reflected by chlorophyll in the healthy areas of your lawn and garden, causing those areas to show as black or gray. Any unhealthy spots, deficient in chlorophyll, will show up as pink, red or coral colors.

[From Popgadget Personal Technology for Women: High Tech Plant Examining Glasses]

Don’t know that Geeks need batteries as much as parents do… nice little article on rechargeable batteries.

I’ve reprinted the technical details from each AA battery below:

1998 NiMH GP Rechargeable 1.2v, 1300 mAh
2008 NiMH Energizer Rechargeable 1.2v, 2500 mAh

Is it really true that AA battery capacity has almost doubled in the last ten years? That’s pretty amazing. But as I found out, it’s not the entire story.

For one thing, there’s the issue of discharge rate. It turns out that massive 2500mAh capacity of the Energizer rechargeable battery doesn’t mean much when the battery drains itself within a month.

[From Coding Horror: Adventures in Rechargeable Batteries]

I just loved this commentary on the nuclear detonators that were accidentally shipped to Taiwan. For some reason all I could think about was an expectation that there would be a story that somebody had accidentally shipped the Ark of the Covenant to Namibia next (that’s your Indiana Jones reference for the week).

Did someone at the airbase from which they were shipped, look at a packing list that said “helicopter battery” and accidentally pack 4 nuclear bomb triggers? I imagine they have a label on the box that reads “WARNING! NUCLEAR BOMB TRIGGER INSIDE. DO NOT USE HOOKS” or something like that. Still I guess mistakes happen.

But here’s what I really don’t understand. The triggers were for Mark -12 nuclear weapons. The Mark 12, nicknamed “Brock” by those who have pet names for atomic bombs, hasn’t been part of the nuclear arsenal since 1962. These things have been outdated for 46 years. I think (this is no joke) that a Mark-12 trigger uses vacuum tubes.

[From Notes from the Technology Underground: Too Much Clutter in America's Nuclear Attic?]


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