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Well, after a long drive (about 8 hours) I’ve made it to SVU where I’ll be taking the OSC Writing class for the next couple of days. I arrived last night about 7pm and at 7:15 a group of us all went out for chinese food and had a great time talking and talking, with a little eating on the side. We’re staying in the dorms and my temporary roommate was smart enough to remember that every dorm room needs a poster on the wall, so he brought a Beatles poster and put it up. The campus is beautiful, large old trees everywhere and the main building looks like a victorian house on steroids.

The main drawback to the campus is that there isn’t wireless internet access in the dorms. They have it in the main buildings, and apparently some of the rooms have ethernet (which I of course forgot to bring a cable for), but wireless is missing from the dorms. Now if I was here for the full week boot camp it would be a blessing as I could then have fewer excuses to not write at night. But, as I’m only here for a couple of days, it would be nice to have the convenience. Anyway, I’m off to see what a mormon college cafeteria can scrounge up in the way of vegetarian food for breakfast. After that it’s time for class and I probably won’t be back on until late tonight.


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June 12th, 2006 at 6:29 am

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