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Force feeding a snake

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This morning Jake and I spent a couple hours at the vet’s office. His snake, a replacement a month or two ago for one that had died very shortly after we purchased it, has gone from being “fine” on Wednesday to emaciated and dehydrated and generally not looking well. We’ve never taken his snakes to the vet before (they tend to look OK to us and then look dead to us and dead is something the vets have a tough time treating). The trip today was good, we found out about Repta-aide, and that we should be soaking him when he’s shedding (which he is now), but it was still $60 vet bill for a $30 snake. Plus a trip to Petsmart for the supplies (another $30-$40), which turned into a “talk Mommy out of adopting a dog” trip as well.

Tonight, before eating our own meal, we all (except Grace and Grandma) piled into the kid’s bathroom to force feed the snake. Repta-Aide comes in a powder, we mixed it with water, sucked it up into the dosage syringe and used a little plastic card to force the snake’s mouth open and drop a little bit in. Force feeding a snake is something I can’t say was on my list of “gee I hope I get to do this sometime in my life”, but it went well enough. Now we’ve just got to do it twice a day for the next week. *sigh*


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April 5th, 2008 at 8:27 pm

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