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Cranky Princess Parties

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Last year for our anniversary Alicia and I visited a little B&B in Stone Mountain and spent some time walking through “the village” where we happened upon a store called The Cranky Princess. They have princess parties, and princess accessories, and shirts for cranky princesses young and old (and yes, we bought one for our very own cranky princess Grace). At two and a half Grace isn’t exactly fully into the “princess lifestyle”, but she does dress up in her Disney princess clothes, and is often called Princess Peach by yours-truly (Super Mario reference ‘natch!). What got me thinking about this was this piece on The Huffington Post.

Part of me, let’s be honest, is supportive of the princess concept. I’m a big believer in fairy tales, Grimm and all, with their evil queens, Black Forests, and grisly endings. I’d rather my daughter be wrapped up in Hans Christian Anderson than dedicated to the Backyardigans.

[From Pamela Paul: My First Princess Party - Living on The Huffington Post]

I can certainly say I’m not springing for the big bucks princess party for the kid, but I especially like the above point. Princess isn’t the worst thing to be obsessed with, but the Backyardigans may be.


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April 7th, 2008 at 4:54 pm

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