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Updates from the suburbs

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It was two weeks ago tomorrow I was headed up to VA for the OSC writing class. I had a blast up there, made some friends, and got to interview OSC for the Wordtrip podcast ( you can find the interview over at ). I’ll be posting my notes from the class over at and talking about them in the podcasts.

This week I also started a new job at the bank, moving from Computer Operations, to an Application Support Developer role. The first week was fairly slow, waiting a couple days to get my new PC for the cubicle. But I learned some cool new things about the way things work at work, and managed to take care of a couple of issues as well.

Last weekend Jake got a scratched cornea ( a friend was flailing around and managed to hit Jake’s eye). Sam’s been Sam, Grace has been Grace, and Alicia has gotten no sleep… so the usual. Alicia’s still getting used to my new schedule as well, and not having me here in the AM to let her get a couple hours of sleep after a long night with babies is taking its toll on her. I’m still getting used to the early morning hours too, but regulate my exhaustion with copious amounts of coffee.



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June 24th, 2006 at 10:41 am

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