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2:42 = the perfect song?

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Profanity laced article linked here:

The scientists then dug up this song by a group that pretty much defines one-hit wonder: the La’s. The song is “There She Goes,” and is so flawless that it instantly made everything else the band did pointless. This ditty is two minutes and 42 seconds, and is all about songwriting economy.

I listened to it and said, in my rich and sonorous timbre, in my typically concise and absolutely-nailing-it fashion: “Here is a song that has everything I need and nothing I don’t.”

The main riff acts as the intro. The verses are the chorus. The solo is 100 percent fat-free and leads right into a tidy bridge. And then we’re back where we started. It’s like some ingenious IKEA futon or Japanese love hotel where every component is doing double-duty. When “There She Goes” is over, I guarantee absolutely no one in the room goes: “Jesus, finally.”

[From Two Minutes and 42 Seconds in Heaven by Joshua Allen - The Morning News]

I quick look in my iTunes library reveals:

King Dork – Mr T Experience

You’re gonna kill that girl – The Ramones

Liquor Store – Less Than Jake

Your Way or the Highway – The Blake Babies

all clocking in at 2:42… I think that 2:42 may even be on the long side for me because at 2:41 I find:

Secret Agent Man – The Toasters

The Brews – NoFX

Ever Fallen In Love? – The Buzzcocks

He’d Be a Diamond – Mary Lou Lord

going down even further (thank you “sort by length”) to 2:35 I get:

Bad Town – Operation Ivy

Imaginary Friend – Bracket

At 2:31 Semi-OK by Mr T Experience

At 2:30 Alternative is Here to Stay by Mr T Experience

2:21 brings us Ugly by The Violent Femmes

1:36 Now I wanna sniff some glue by The Ramones

Judy is a Punk by The Ramones at 1:32

Mr Fancy Pants by Jonathan Coulton at 1:19

And the ultimate in brevity (if not musicality):

This Place Sucks (which could almost be the new tag-line for this site) by The Queers at 0:52


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April 23rd, 2008 at 5:37 pm

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  1. Contrast that with your 4-year-old’s musical obsession for the day: Colbie Caillat – Bubbly, clocking in at 3:26. (He’s made me play/sing it to him a good 10 times already today, so I gave in and looked it up on youtube, so he can just hit “replay” to his sweet little heart’s content. You’re proud, I’m sure.)


    24 Apr 08 at 8:56 am

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