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Quote from .csv on good writing

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I posted this over on Wordtrip, but wanted to share it here too. This sums up so well how I think a lot of us feel about good writing.

I find the best writing almost impossible to read. Partly because I want to savor it; I want to deny it ends. Or, sometimes, it’s so provocative it forces me to reconsider everything before I can continue. But, mostly, great writing pisses me off because I didn’t — and I never will — write it first.

[From .CSV » this week’s reading]

How many times have you intentionally slowed down when reading a book just so it doesn’t end so soon? Or put a book down after just a few pages because you needed some time to really think about the idea you’d just heard?


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May 3rd, 2008 at 10:45 am

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