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FAME, I’m not gonna live forever.

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A) sorry for the bad musical TV pun.B) I posted this on my site Wordtrip, and on my Twitter feed, and I think on one or two of my other sites, but realized I’d never put it up here.
There are several articles in on FAME and Dr. Frank (my uncle the actual doctor, not “Dr” Frank one of my favorite musicians).For those of you who don’t know the story (it’s detailed in the articles), basically my uncle almost died on a trek up Kilimanjaro and decided to do something more. Here’s the little excerpt about his “epiphany” moment.

Artress led his wife to a rock, and they sat together above the clouds. Then it hit him. He wasn’t afraid to die; he was ashamed. He had lived only for himself – practicing medicine in a Modesto hospital, traveling with his wife, purchasing luxury vacation homes and collecting art. He felt as if he had nothing to show for his 50 years. He felt as if his life had been a waste.
In that moment, Artress and his wife realized they were living for the wrong reasons. In that moment, everything changed.

[From Doctor finds higher calling when death knocks]

He’s doing some great work in Tanzania, and if you’re looking for a charity to donate your dot-com millions give them a look.


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May 18th, 2008 at 6:18 am

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