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sentimental clutter

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We all have somethings that we are holding onto that serve no purpose other than to remind us of someone, something, or some important event. A few of these items may actually be worth keeping — so where do we draw the line on what to keep and what to shed?

One thing that has survived multiple moves in my life is a baseball I have from my days playing Little League. It is the ball I hit for my first home run.

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Now to me, a picture of that ball would just not be the same. I think it’s a tough call on something like that. Sure a child’s report card might make sense to take a picture of and store it instead of the actual item, but something tangible like a baseball? I’d chalk that up in the same category of “keep” as the favorite stuffed animal (only ONE), or action figure or doll. These are tactile memory items and if you’re saving something because of the great memories you have with it then it would make a lot of sense to be careful about what you’re saving, and keep in mind how you’re going to “trigger” those memories (A picture of your Sheriff Woody doll may bring some back, but the feel of the cloth vest and vinyl had in your hand would bring back a lot more I’d wager).


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May 20th, 2008 at 4:05 am

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  1. You know, I’m a thrower. I just don’t become attached to stuff. My house is completely clutter-free. But sometimes, I do regret getting rid of something, but it’s too late. It’s a fine line.


    28 May 08 at 12:09 pm

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