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Brad Bird on Innovation

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A) Pixar is great
B) Brad Bird is responsible for a couple of the best Pixar films
C) read the article and learn from Brad.

Lesson Two: Perfect is the Enemy of Innovation

The Quarterly: What sorts of things did you do differently?

Brad Bird: I had to shake the purist out of them—essentially frighten them into realizing I was ready to use quick and dirty “cheats” to get something on screen… I’d say, “Look, I don’t have to do the water through a computer simulation program… I’m perfectly content to film a splash in a swimming pool and just composite the water in.” I never did film the pool splash [but] talking this way helped everyone understand that we didn’t have to make something that would work from every angle. Not all shots are created equal. Certain shots need to be perfect, others need to be very good, and there are some that only need to be good enough to not break the spell.

[From Pixar’s Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation - GigaOM]

D) I love this one, because how many times have we gotten bogged down in trying to do something perfectly when we really just needed to look at it a bit differently and figure out how to get to 80% in 20% of the time?

edit: just tweaked formatting and the last sentence because I apparently forgot the english language while writing it.


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May 20th, 2008 at 4:10 pm

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