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What’s worse than GA’s CRCT?

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Apparently Colorado based educational think tank’s logic is.

In most math problems, zero would never be confused with 50, but a handful of schools nationwide have set off an emotional academic debate by giving minimum scores of 50 for students who fail.
Officials in schools from Las Vegas to Dallas to Port Byron, N.Y., have proposed or implemented versions of such a policy, with varying results.

Their argument: Other letter grades — A, B, C and D — are broken down in increments of 10 from 60 to 100, but there is a 59-point spread between D and F, a gap that can often make it mathematically impossible for some failing students to ever catch up.

“It’s a classic mathematical dilemma: that the students have a six times greater chance of getting an F,” says Douglas Reeves, founder of The Leadership and Learning Center, a Colorado-based educational think tank who has written on the topic. “The statistical tweak of saying the F is now 50 instead of zero is a tiny part of how we can have better grading practices to encourage student performance.”

[From At some schools, failure goes from zero to 50 -]

WHAT?!? As John Gruber pointed out on his blog, that logic applies perfectly, if students get their grades drawn out of a hat instead of based on actual performance. Homeschooling just looks better and better doesn’t it?


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May 30th, 2008 at 11:30 am

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