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Computer as a Tool, and staying focussed.

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Zen habits has an interesting little piece on staying focussed at work. I found the following point very interesting though (emphasis added by me).

Develop the mindset that the computer is only a tool. It’s easy to try and use the computer for too much. At its core, the computer is merely a tool (albeit a freakin’ awesome one) that allows to do work more efficiently.

16 Ways to Keep A Razor- Sharp Focus at Work | Zen Habits

My wife and I have arguments over my computer usage, and I think the above is something she doesn’t “get”, or I don’t. For her (I’m supposing here, and expecting a rebuttal in the comments) the computer is a tool, but it’s a very specific tool for a very specific set of jobs. For me the computer is a tool for multiple jobs. For her, and many people, I think the computer is a glorified combination of a typewriter and a telephone, for me and my uses it’s a magic box which is a conduit for thoughts, ideas, and a plethora of other things.
A swiss army-knife for my life if you will. I use it for research for writing (blog and otherwise), I use it to find information on my job (programming articles, etc), I use it to write with (my handwriting isn’t fast or legible enough to use if I’m going to attempt any sort of volume of writing), I use it for entertainment (podcasts, both audio and video, have replaced the largest part of my TV watching), I use it for socializing (I do a fair bit of face to face interacting at the day job, but for shooting the bull about the Braves, or literature, or Sci-fi, or whatever, I find the communities I’m involved with on-line fit my needs far better than going to a bar, or hang out with people from church would), I use it for my “side work” of web development and running websites like Wordtrip, and probably a few other things as well.


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May 30th, 2008 at 11:45 am

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