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New year, New disease

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We ended 2006 with a lovely stomach virus right before christmas, and have started 2007 with a heavy-duty dose of the flu.  Jake started things off last week with coughing and fever and puking, Sam picked it up towards the end of the week and Grace picked it up over the weekend.  Sam set a new family record for high-temp of over 106 (readings ranged from 106.4 to 107 Saturday night… before Tylenol kicked in and tepid baths brought it down to a “reasonable” 103).  We started Sam and Grace on Tami-flu within 24 hours of them showing symptoms, so we’re hoping that it will at least take the longevity out of the bug for them even if it doesn’t appear to have taken the kick out of it.  Alicia and I haven’t been feeling real PERKY with all this going on, but who knows if it’s just a touch of the bug, or sleep deprevation mixed with a heavy coating of munchkin vomit.


Christmas wrap-up:

Kids got presents, Parents got debt… that’s about it.  OK fine, more details.

Jake’s wild-goose-chase present was a Nintendo DS. Sam had his first wild-goose-chase present (a Jessie to go with his Woody and Buzz from Toy Story 2).  Grace’s “big winner” present was a pink pony rocking-horse that she opened up first thing and then sat on and rocked for the rest of the present opening hub-bub.  We did our new Christmas tradition of going to our favorite Vegetarian Chinese restaurant (Harmony) for Christmas Dinner.  Alicia and I got our nice Digital SLR that we purchased pre-FL trip (from each other and my mom’s contributions to our camera fund).  There were many other presents of course, but those are the high-lights. 


Uncle Bill Extras:

Oh, and last week Sam was still playing with his inflatable Mr Hankey from Uncle Bill.  The big kids (Nicole came to school for one day last week before Jake got too sick) filled up the bottom of Mr Hankey with water so he could work as a bop-bag (his intended purpose in life).  Of course what happened was that after a few hours of playing… well… let me have Sam tell you.

 Sam: “I throw Mr Hankey and he goes SPLASH!”

 Luckily he was still in the kitchen at the time… Mr Hankey doesn’t have water in him anymore.

 Uncle Bill also sent Sam a great set of Dinosaur feet and a roaring Dinosaur head hat to go with them (which we got some good footage of Christmas afternoon).  Now Sam has taken to stomping in his chair at dinner and when he gets a look from one of us his response is “Dad, that was my dinosaur feet that did that.”  Which apparently he thinks means it’s all OK.


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