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Bring me the Koan

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I recently finished reading “Bring Me the Rhinoceros: And Other Zen Koans to Bring You Joy” by John Tarrant, and wanted to share a couple bits from it.

First off was a great quote talking about somebody in the administration wanting the statue of lady Justice “covered” during talks post 9/11 because he wasn’t comfortable with the semi-exposed view behind him in press conferences.

“Justice without breasts is a bad sign for mercy.”

I don’t have much to say on that, I just liked the quote.

Next was a helpful thing to remember about our beliefs, whatever they may be:

Beliefs have consequences; they build their own fictional world.

The last is related and likewise insightful:

Everyone operates from a map, and the map is always getting out of date. Life, the territory described by the map, moves quickly. This means tha tthe map drifts away from the territory, eventually becoming more of a freestanding artifact than a useful guide. When there is a wide gap between the map and the world, the person who made the map feels discomfort.

“Bring Me the Rhinoceros: And Other Zen Koans to Bring You Joy” (John Tarrant)


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June 12th, 2008 at 2:52 pm

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