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Disney and Pixar happily ever after

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It’s not news that I’m a big fan of Pixar, not as big a fan of Disney as a corporation, but I am a Disney fan as a creative culture (or at least the “ideal” Disney). NY Times has a great piece on how the two companies have merged and are working together now. I’m not sure how I feel about Pixar being “willing” to do more sequels, but until Lasseter convinces me he doesn’t know what he’s doing I’m going to trust him (he’s done pretty friggin great so far). At least he says the right things.

IN a subtle but important shift, Pixar has matured, allowing its strategic thinking to evolve inside a sprawling corporation. For instance, some of the studio’s executives once resisted sequels and direct-to-DVD efforts, arguing that quality and the brand could suffer. While sequels were not out of the question, they said Pixar’s hot streak hinged on pushing boundaries with original material.

But at Mr. Lasseter’s presentation in April, Disney’s first such event in 10 years, he announced “Cars 2,” a 2012 sequel that will take Lightning McQueen and his pals on a tour of foreign countries. Also in the works are four direct-to-DVD movies built around Tinker Bell.

“We are definitely planning on doing more sequels, just as we are more originals,” Mr. Lasseter said in an interview. “We talk with Bob Iger about which ones make sense to do from a business perspective. But each movie has to be absolutely great or you will snuff out a franchise.”

[From Disney and Pixar - The Power of the Prenup -]


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June 13th, 2008 at 5:56 am

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