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Sam Story of the day (Jan 16th, 2007)

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I received this in an e-mail from Alicia while I was sitting in a boring meeting… and it made me smile.

I gave Sam animal pancakes and strawberries for breakfast (what he had
requested). He ate all his strawberries, and asked for more. I told him
he needed to eat his pancakes first, since he had specifically asked for
two. I was busily working on lunches, he has a clean plate a few minutes
later, I give him more strawberries. Fast forward a few minutes…I ask
him to take his plate to the sink…he’s hesitant. When he finally picks
up his plate, there’s an ENTIRE PANCAKE underneath it! Sam, did you hide
your pancake under your plate so Mommy would give you more strawberries?
 (Peeks out from underneath his hair…”YETHH!”


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January 17th, 2007 at 3:56 pm

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