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Stossel in the cage

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I love John Stossel. I don’t always agree with him (I don’t always agree with ME, let alone somebody else), but often I do. I like this recent piece on McCain’s stance on governmental intervention in MMA (less as to how it relates to McCain and more for some of the quotes). The mentality of a certain (rather large) segment of elected officials is reflected here by a Mayor who wants to ban something because it might be dangerous.

Correia wants MMA banned in his town and the gym shut down. It teaches kids the wrong things, he says.

“It’s telling them, look, the best thing to do is hurt someone.”

“Nonsense,” said moms at the gym. They told me the mayor was clueless and that MMA is little different from karate or judo classes.

The mayor replied that some parents just don’t know what’s good for their kids. He’d heard that MMA is unsafe.

It’s not surprising that he’d heard that, since predictably, the media hypes every danger.

Parents aren’t responsible enough? The politicians need to make these decisions for them?

He replied, “Parents do have a chance to decide that through their elected officers. That’s what a democracy is all about.”

Really? I had no idea democracy was about voting on who gets to tell you how to raise your kids.

[From RealClearPolitics - Articles - Will McCain Let Us Fight?]


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June 15th, 2008 at 6:33 am

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  1. I think Stossel twisted Correia’s meaning with the last quote. It probably wasn’t spoken as eloquently as possible, but I could infer another way: parents can vote for the representative that will (not) push legislation they (don’t) want.

    I think this is a vast oversimplification of a lot of sociological, parenting, community and democratic issues. If grown men want to play Fight Club in their basement that’s one thing. I think encouraging five year olds to beat each other mercilessly is repulsive – but I defend the parents’ right to do it.

    So, when are you signing Jake up for MMA?

    Kyle Kinnaman

    15 Jun 08 at 8:07 am

  2. I don’t know that I’d say he’s twisting it (largely based on the previous parts of the conversation), but is certainly taking it in the least generous way. Though implying that a kids MMA class is “encouraging five year olds to beat each other mercilessly” is likewise taking something in the least generous way :P It’s a different way of tackling martial arts, and competitions are probably not real pretty to watch, but then again once you get to competitive kids sports in anything contact based from football to MMA it’s going to be dangerous and likely not “pretty”… though I’m not convinced danger is always such a bad thing. (we won’t even get into the massive long term damage done by competitive gymnastics even)

    There’s a lot of issues involved between protecting kids from their parents poor choices vs not infringing upon the freedoms of the parents and the kids. Some of that level of processing should be happening at the community voting level. Part of the problem there is making sure that the majority doesn’t impose it’s morality and choices on the few.

    Oh, and I’ve been petitioning the wife to let me sign Jake up for Judo classes for ages… though he may need MMA just to defend himself from his baby sister.


    16 Jun 08 at 9:22 pm

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