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Coffee is a Sufficiently Advanced Technology (redux)

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I believe I’ve shared the subject of this post before as a quote (from Merlin I think), and now there’s a news story (thanks Mudge) saying that studies show that the smell of Coffee is a great stress-buster… and that it’s MAGIC.

It’s too early to recommend that people feeling stress sniff coffee to ease their way, Martin said. But, he added, “people who don’t even drink coffee are fascinated by the odor of it. Ever since my little boy was two years old, he has loved the odor of coffee. I have always thought that coffee has some mystic quality, and there is some deep historical basis for it.”

[From Coffee Beans May Be Newest Stress-Buster on Yahoo! Health]


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June 26th, 2008 at 12:27 pm

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