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Family Update

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I think most people who read this blog are in contact enough with me in other ways so I forget to update what’s going on in the Pillsbury household. 


Two weeks ago Alicia had to make a trip to the doc for what turned out to be Asthma… on top of Sinus Infection… on top of Strep Throat… on top of Acute Bronchitis.  Then last week she made a trip to the ER (after a trip to the doc) because she had an enflamed temporal artery. She went to the doctor because the lump on her temple was getting bigger and more sore as the day went on, eventually the whole side of her face was sore.  They sent her for bloodwork initially to make sure it wasn’t temporal arteritis (average age of onset… 70).  It wasn’t.  The doc’s office then gave her the run around for a day or two and finally sent her in for a cat scan on Monday which came back negative for blocks or clots (which is a good thing as our big fear relates to her family history of strokes at a young age).  So in the end, we don’t know what it was, just that it looked bad and hurt.


Has moved to a new size of violin (and is getting used to that). Has started reading Encyclopedia Brown books (I tried to get him hooked on them a couple years ago to no avail, but he picked up one from his book shelf recently and read and enjoyed it so much he’s hunting them down at the library).  He and I have been watching all the Miyazaki films we can and he’s reading the book for Howl’s Moving Castle.  He’s got a new rule due to his lack of focus on math some days… if he doesn’t finish his math assignment in an hour (which he can usually do in 30 minutes if he’s focusing) he has to go to bed early and get up early by however much longer than an hour he takes (so if he takes 1:30 to finish it he has to go to bed a half hour early and get up a half hour early).  Jake’s also enjoying greatly his Nintendo DS that he got for christmas, and his new Teen Titan game on the gamecube he bought for himself with christmas money.


Sam has taken to using the phrase “I have a word for you” before telling you that he needs more juice, or wants a snack, or wants you to play a game with him.  He’s also taken to saying “Heyo yippee-i-a Texas here I come” while sitting on the potty.  Yesterday morning he also stomped up to Alicia while she was reading, with his hand on his hip, and pointed out that “I just realized that dad left his cereal bowl on that thing!” (the ottoman)…. that’s momma’s boy.  Oh, and a month or so ago we painted our bedroom, moved Sam’s old crib into our room for Grace, and put up an Ikea bed for Sam in his room (where he now sleeps… by himself even!). EDIT: Forgot to mention that the family went letterboxing yesterday and while out hiking Sam had to go… and was very proud of the fact that he got to poop in the woods… but not like a bear “Mom! Bears don’t go poop in the woods! they go poop in the POTTY”)


Is a walker finally.  She talks up a storm, and usually Alicia’s the only one to understand her (that is, beyond “nummy nummy” which is snack, “dow” which is down, “meow” for cat, and “DA!” for dog… which we all can recognize).  She’s sleeping in the crib about half the night these days.  She’s very prissy and very “girl”… likes to carry around the stuffed cat toy or dolls and give them hugs and kisses.  Grace is also a big climber and has to be watched closely as she will try and climb on anything (bed, sofa, chair, table, we have a shot of her standing on the back of her rocking horse where she climbed up so she could push the buttons on the DVD player).


Work is work, I’m tired. Jake and I avoided most of the illness that hit Alicia (and Grace and Sam), though we both got coughs and sniffles out of it.  I pulled a back muscle last weekend and am finally getting to the point where it doesn’t feel like an icepick in my back.  Work has been so busy, especially with the new schedule, that I’ve still not done any writing recently, haven’t picked up my guitar in ages, and the RC Airplanes are still sitting out in the garage.  The only side projects I’m keeping up with are maintaining and still reading (as that’s easier to fit into the schedule… reading on the road or in the bathroom).  I’ve been working on implementing the GTD system, and gradually getting there, in hopes that it will help me get my “stuff” together and in order so I can maybe get back to doing some of those other things that I actually WANT to do (as it is the only “want to do” on my radar is spending time with the munchkins before we both crash).

 We have a ton of pictures taken in the last few months, but they’re big files from the new digital camera and I have to edit them down a bit to get them up on the website.  I should get to a little bit of that within the next few days.


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March 16th, 2007 at 8:20 am

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