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I found this video of a town in the hills of Japan very “sci-fi”… I can almost see a dystopian future where we’ve hosed society and have to recycle everything, making use of the limited resources we have left. Wait, did I just describe waterworld?

The Mayor of Kamikatsu, a small community in the hills of eastern Japan, has urged politicians around the world to follow his lead and make their towns “Zero Waste”.

He told BBC News that all communities could learn from Kamikatsu, where residents have to compost all their food waste and sort other rubbish into 34 different categories.

Residents say the scheme has prompted them to cut down on waste generally and food waste in particular.

If the policy spread, it would reduce the amount of food waste, and so take some of the pressure off high food prices.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Living in a world without waste]


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July 16th, 2008 at 4:35 pm

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