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“New” type of budget?

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I’m not sure this qualifies as “new” budgeting, but it’s at least a bit different than what you usually see.

When I was designing the structure of my categories, the first change I had to make was to get rid of a top-level category for insurance. Instead, I put insurance expenses where they belong: auto insurance under transportation, health insurance under medical, and homeowner/renter insurance under housing.

I also eliminated a top-level category for utilities. I put the power bill under housing. (I’d put heat, water, garbage, sewer, etc. there too, but those items are included in the rent where I live right now.) I put the cell phone and internet charges in a new top-level category for communications, and put postage there as well.

[From Refactor your budget categories | Wise Bread]

Now budgeting isn’t exactly our familial strong suite. Not that we can’t put together a budget, but sticking to it is difficult. As most who read here know, we are a largely single income household, though in recent years Alicia has done some off and on tutoring and teaching at a one-day-a-week fine arts program for homeschoolers. In addition to her small teaching income she has become a licensed Doula (labour and delivery coach) this year, which appears to be on track to bring in a few more dollars into the family coffers. That said, we’ve always been on the frugal side of things, and “budget” generally involves calculating if we have $5 or $10 after paying all the bills in a month.
I like the idea here of breaking things down into new categories. Housing including all of the costs of keeping up a house is good, but putting all the phone and internet costs into one category may be pure brilliance (though our budgeting hasn’t done much to break out into categories as much as it has enumerated each monthly bill no matter the category).


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July 30th, 2008 at 8:04 am

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