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Design and Engineering

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The idea of design divorced from engineering is laudable, but the way it so often plays out makes it implausible. Yes, in theory, the design team should come up with a perfect solution and the engineering team should be smart enough to figure out how to pull it off and neither should ever have to talk to each other. The resulting product would look exactly as designed and would work perfectly. Keep on trucking you radical dreamer. Here’s a quarter for the jukebox.

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This is something I hit in my web development work, and somewhat in my day job as well. It’s not too hard to write a program to do X or Y, but it’s not nearly as easy to help a user determine not just what they want, but when and how they want it. My friend Lisa has said more than once that she thinks all developers should have a few UI classes before released on an unsuspecting public… and I think she’s probably right.


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August 20th, 2008 at 9:25 am

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