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Throwaway writing?

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The same goes for writing, or any other creative work. You need to let yourself practice with blogging, journals, or throwaway poems and work under less than perfect circumstances, the same way a guitarist noodles around with chords while watching TV, or an artist scribbles on a sketchpad while riding the bus. You can’t be too precious with your words or your notes or your brushstrokes. Believe me, someone will be there to trash your work anyway, no matter how long you petted it and brushed its hair. It’s more important to keep your brain switched on than trying to preserve every last bit of inspiration.

[From Cooking for the Creative Beast | 43 Folders]

This is something I REALLY struggle with. I tend to have such limited time for my writing and such that I hate to waste it on throwaway stuff. This was more prominent when I was writing fiction, probably because I respect it more as an art than I do blogging (sorry fellow bloggers), but the concept still remains… you’re more likely to write more good words, if you’re willing to let yourself write a good number of “bad” ones.


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August 20th, 2008 at 9:28 pm

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