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I’m sick of guessing which is the lesser of two evils

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Two similar quotes recently caught my eye in regard to the upcoming presidential election here in the US:

Gutter politics is gutter politics, and both parties do it. Unfortunately, partisans tend to have convenient standards, rationalizing their candidate’s lies while demanding apologies whenever their opponents shade the truth.

[From there’s the truth, and then there’s THE TRUTH! « ATLmalcontent]

It’s been odd to watch this reaction to the general slide of both campaigns towards the same self-serious, jab-and-duck, low-blow campaigning that has riddled our political discourse for so long.

Both sides seem to live in the same mental bunkers, convinced “their guy” is still OK. Convinced that, at some level, “their guy” is only doing it because, jeez, they need to win. Or that its the other guy’s tactics that are forcing their hand. Or worse, that “their guy” isn’t doing it at all.

Both of “our guys” are guilty…

But whatever delusions I had that this election would be a substantive debate between two honest men who respected each other is gone.

It’s just another election now.

[From Big Contrarian → How big can you #### up?]

I likewise had high hopes that, though I didn’t want to vote for either of them, McCain and Obama would have produced a better campaign season than this. Alas, we’ve had the same party-hack driven politics we’ve seen in recent years. I know my vote may be “wasted” on a third party candidate, but if all of us who feel neither candidate is what we actually want, keep voting against the guy we like the least, we’re never going to get anybody running for high office, let alone winning, that does anything aside from playing to one “base” or the other.


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October 4th, 2008 at 4:32 pm

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