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Why I won’t vote for Saxby

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Nope, I’m not voting to re-elect my senator this time. It’s not because of the three fear-mongering phone messages I had on my machine from his campaign when I got home yesterday (though that did annoy the crap out of me). It’s not due to the jackassery flyers he’s sending out slamming his opponent (who is doing similar right back, though I think Saxby’s manage to look even worse). It’s certainly not due to his support of the Fairtax (hell, that’s the only reason I’d consider voting FOR him right now, because I think that’s something that should be at least brought to the floor). I won’t be voting for Saxby Chambliss because he voted for the 2nd bailout bill (well, in all fairness I was going to vote for the Libertarian candidate anyway, but because of the Fairtax I was considering Chambliss still).
This quote from Wise Bread (the link is to a great little article on all the bailouts this year… and by great I mean depressing as hell) sums it up nicely.

Finally, the scariest thing about these bailouts is not just the amount of money they will cost American taxpayers for generations to come, but that these bills were passed with haste and little concern for the voice of the people. In this video, Senator Diane Feinstein states that she received 91,000 phonecalls of which 85,000 were against the $700 billion bailout, but that she believes that these angry citizens do not understand the good the bailout will do. Is a democratic government really democratic if most of the elected officials do not serve the people that voted for them?

[From When will the bailouts stop? A summary of 2008 stimulus packages and bailouts in the United States | Wise Bread]

I wasn’t opposed to the government taking some action, but the apparently reactionary pork laden way it was handled (and the ignoring of the constituency by so many congress critters) annoy me to no end. I appreciate a desire to take action. I don’t appreciate planning and thought taking a back seat to a political “let’s look like we’re helping” posturing.


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October 29th, 2008 at 10:37 am

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