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Too much good for our own good.

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In this world we simply cannot deal with all good things. There are more good songs than we can ever listen too. There are more good movies than we can ever see in our lifetime, even if it was our full time vocation. There are more useful tools than we have time to master. There are more cool websites than we have attention to spare. Forget about all junk, all the mass produced hits, and all the critically acclaimed creations that mean nothing to you personally. Focus instead on just the things that would rock your boat. There are still too many of them! There are in fact, more great bands, and books, and gizmos aimed right at you, customized to your unique desires, than you can absorb.

[From Kevin Kelly -- The Technium]

There was a time (last summer) when I was attempting to apply the “Inbox Zero” principle to my RSS reader. The problem was that I was spending so much time trying to make sure I read everything that came down the pipe from all the sources, on all the subjects, that I wasn’t getting anything created of my own. I was also not reading enough things in depth to really appreciate them (that “tip culture” again). I know I’m only going to have so many more trips around the sun (I still hope for another 80, but it could be only 40, or 4, or 0.01), so I’m trying to apply that zen principle of “letting go” and trying not to mentally hold on to all the cool stuff that I’m missing out on.
This is surprisingly manifested as well in my lack of an education. I’m an autodidact, but don’t have a college degree. For many years I talked about how I wanted to go back to college, and for a time I even took a few classes, but in the last 3 years I’ve owned that: while I would like to have a degree, and would enjoy the education part of it, I can get an education in 5-10 years just as easily as I can now, but the thing I can’t ever do again is enjoy the time with my children. At some point there won’t be anybody dancing on my bed singing about how they want “lots and lots of Giirirrrl toys”, but in all likelihood there will still be books, and colleges, and teachers, and things to learn. I’m never going to get caught up with the knowledge of the world, but nobody else will ever even try to catch up with the knowledge of Grace, Sam, & Jake (besides my wife and the family, but that would weaken my point so Pththththth).


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December 10th, 2008 at 9:07 am

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