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750 words, thoughts, and potential posting

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Over the last couple of months (today marks 61 consecutive days/exactly two months actually) I’ve been doing a bit of personal writing using the website . For me it’s a little bitter-sweet as Buster is doing with 750words what I’d always hoped to do with Wordtrip; get people writing. I would love to say that the reason I rarely update my blogs is that I’m working on writing things that are “more important” using 750words, but it hasn’t been just the last two months that my plethora of blogs and websites have gone largely dark.
One of the reasons I’ve been drawn to blogging and forums like Wordtrip are that I’m generally more interested in conversation or discussion of a topic than just dumping out of my head. It is certainly, and obviously, easier to live only within my own opinion and spew them onto a page without feedback, but I’m not sure that’s the most useful means of intellectual growth.

Over the years, as my personal philosophy has developed and grown there have been a few periods where I spent substantial amount of time writing elaborate discussions driven e-mails with friends. Those were large motivating factors in my journey of study simply because I was uncomfortable making unsubstantiated assertions of opinion without some research to back them up. That is one of the reasons I’ve wanted to put my writing “out there” to get the sanity check on my philosophy and thoughts in general.

On the one hand the feedback in either a blog, a forum, or an e-mail chain causes me to further flesh out an idea or concept so that I understand my own thoughts better. On the other hand that same feedback may play into my own confirmation bias and cause me to hunt out ideas and opinions which support my own view rather than looking objectively at evidence. Though I understand that it raises the risk of me entrenching myself in an opinion, simply by having an awareness of that risk I think it is, at least partially, diminished and the potential benefits begin to outweigh the potential drawbacks.

All of that is to say that, depending on which of my plethora of sites you read, you may see more writing from me in the not too distant future as my daily “write 750 words” habit begins to include a little time for reflection and editing so I have something to post… somewhere.


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May 31st, 2011 at 6:55 am

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