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Sleep deprived… as usual (plus some allergy stuff).

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Alicia and I have both been light on sleep for quite some time (say the last 3-4 years or so, yes I’m looking at you Sam).  Grace, after a brief, very brief, period of sleeping a moderate portion of the night in her crib has gone back to spending the largest percentage (usually somewhere around 102%) of the night in our bed, and waking Alicia up numerous times in the night. Sam has stayed much the same with his sleep patterns for the last couple years (that is sleep till 12-2 in the morning and then come looking for somebody to hold him) except that he now doesn’t like his cool “new” bed from a few months back and instead opts to, prefers to, sleep on the floor until such time as he wakes in the midst of the night and comes in to our bedroom.  If I’m semi-awake (aka at the right part of the sleep cycle) I get up and take him back to his room to either sleep on the floor beside him, or put him in his bed (depending on how conscious he is).  This is largely because in our bed Alicia takes up her 1/3rd, with maybe some overlapping with her body-pillow, and Grace takes up about half of the bed because she wants to lay sideways without touching anything (and if she DOES touch something with a toe… like ME, it gets kicked until it’s out of her way).  This leaves me with, on a good night, just enough room for me to lay on my side and feign comfort.  If Sam comes in he then has to share my portion of the bed which usually involves him laying on my arm which invariably makes my bursitis/tendonitis in my shoulder act up. So, in the end it’s more comfortable for me to doze off the last hour or three of the night on the floor in Sam’s room than it is to share the bed with 3 people.

 Which brings us to last night, when around 3:30AM Alicia had had enough of Grace waking her (this isn’t the first time I’ve heard a desperate “I can’t take this!” from her in the wee hours of the morning).  As Alicia and Jake had been at a Lego robotics meeting last night I dozed off with the two little ones earlier than usual, so when Alicia was at the end of her rope at oh-dark-hundred in the middle of the night I was able to get up and take Grace to the living room to try and rock her back to sleep.  This was, as so much parenting is, largely a futile effort.  Around 4AM Sam came out and joined us in the recliner and after 15-20 minutes of Grace not sleeping and Sam coughing and dozing I moved us all to the love seat across the room.  Eventually, around 4:45, they both dozed off and I did likewise… until my alarm went off at 5:15 for me to get ready for work.  Luckily the kids stayed asleep while I got up, checked e-mail, and made coffee. Grace woke up a bit before 6 as I was headed to the shower and Sam stayed conked out until I was getting ready to head out the door.  Hopefully we bought Alicia enough sleep to make it through the morning until nap time this afternoon.

In other news, Sam spent a few hours in the ER on Monday night when he had an allergic reaction to, we believe, some dies in a chewable tylenol knock-off we had given him for his fever.  Now we’ll be carrying around an epi-pen (I’ve no idea if that’s how this should be spelled) and benedryl for him, just in case.  This reaction was basically hives, but the doc (and we) want to be prepared should it develop into a “close up the airway” sort of allergic reaction.


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June 28th, 2007 at 7:23 am

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