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I feel I should update or archive or something.

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I’ve long let this blog go stagnant because there is so little that I have to say these days that would find the appropriate audience here anyway. As it is I use tumblr for some things, twitter for some, facebook for others, and mostly just ruminate and keep my thoughts to myself more than anything else. So as you can see from the front page here, this is mostly for remembering to post pictures of the cakes made for my kids’ birthdays.

If you read the archives on here (why would you do that?!) you will get a strangely incomplete picture of me, as my opinions on so many of the things I’ve written about have changed, though some haven’t. It makes me want to write a little “State of the Charles” address every couple of years, though few would really care.


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February 1st, 2013 at 9:26 am

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