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Abject Parental Terror

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There is a portion of parent-hood that is occupied by a level of abject terror that is very hard to explain.  Sam has developed some allergies apparently. Unfortunately they’re not of the “make your nose run and eyes water” variety, and are more the “cause hives and welts to pop so mom and dad freak out and worry about anaphylactic shock setting in” variety.  We had thought that it was an allergy to a red dye that was being used in a children’s medicine, but last night we spent an hour or two keeping a very close eye on him due to some welts showing up on his legs and arms (either from apple juice, potatoes, or walking out in the back yard). 

At first we thought they were mosquito bites (and may well have been), because he had been outside for 3-4 minutes with Alicia hooking up a new chain for the dog.  The welts first showed up on his leg and he complained about them itching so I took a look… and then noticed another, and another.  I left Jake watching his sister while I carried Sam in to Alicia and went to grab the Benadryl and EpiPen from our bag in case they were needed.

We put Benadryl cream on them to see if that would take care of them, but by that point he was standing around in his underwear (a favorite hobby of, I’m convinced, all 3-4 year-old boys) and we were watching for anything unusual. When the 4th welt showed up and Alicia thought she saw some coming on his chest we gave him a dose of Benadryl and let him sit watching the Cars DVD while we frantically hovered over and around him generally pestering the snot out of him with questions about having trouble breathing or if he had more itches… which really cut into his ability to focus on Lightening McQueen and Mater.

It had already been a long day with a wedding, and visiting friends.  The extra hour or two for a parental freak-out wasn’t exactly in the schedule.  Everybody went to bed quite tired and I stayed up a while longer just to go check on Sam every few minutes to make sure he was still breathing.  I’m not generally a paranoid person (sure I’ve got a bit of a fear of heights… and I don’t like the concept of deep water or caves much… and I’m not so fond of bugs… but those are NORMAL right?), but something about the prospect (EVEN if the odds are in your favor) of not knowing when, if, how, or why your kid may randomly stop breathing and die… makes for some restless sleep (and with Alicia actually BEING a bit of a paranoid person it’s even worse for her).


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July 2nd, 2007 at 9:05 am

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