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Aid to Africa and Bono

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I came across this interesting piece on aid in Africa (via digg) and how some of the African people would rather we invest in their continent than just give them money. Some very interesting things being said in here about entrepreneurial spirit, and how charity can create dependency. While I find it tough to agree with holding up the Chinese government as a model in general, there are many other things said in here that are worth the time to read.
I have an uncle who has moved to Tanzania to help start a hospital, as well as help build educational opportunities. I like that what he’s doing is helping at one of the most basic levels of need (medical attention), without simply being a handout (they’re putting people through medical and business school so that they can sustain the medical system once it’s put in place). While it’s not the direct entrepreneurial investment mentioned in the article above, I think it still qualifies as investing in Africa. If you’d like to chip in you can visit: for more information.

For more entrepreneurial investing there are places like that allow a conduit for people to loan money to small businesses in other parts of the world (for start-up costs, or improvements, etc). apparently does similar work, though I’ve read less about them.


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July 4th, 2007 at 12:11 pm

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