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As many of you (the three people who read this blog) know, I have a bunch of random side projects always in the works.  But I’m never sure which ones are “known” and which ones haven’t really been mentioned elsewhere.  So here goes: &

Wordtrip is my biggest side project and the one I put the most time into. Wordtrip – All Things Wordly, is a forum based site for Writers, Readers, and Poets. With writing groups and open discussion we’ve made the Writer’s Digest top 100 websites for writers each of the last 4 years now.  WordtripJr is the same idea but managed with younger writers and readers in mind.

This is actually the Wordtrip podcast which has been on hiatus for a while now.  Podcast to discuss writing, etc, and points to and

These are both also tied to and though Editing week has never taken off, the Novel Writing Week has had a few participants from in which people commit to writing either: a short story, novella, or novel in a week (I’ve been a wuss at the short story level each of the times).

Jakender is the catch-all umbrella for all of my projects currently (I used to consider BreastFed Records/Productions my catch-all, but in the last couple years (with the demise of BreastFed Records in the late 90s) moved towards Jakender).  Right now it’s just holding a placeholder page for web design work (which I do usually in conjunction with my good buddy Georg of, but eventually will have a bit more information about all of the various endeavors. – Defunct

The link now only goes to some search engine since somebody snagged the name after I let it expire. It was one of my first writing projects back before Sam was born. Along with Steve Greene of, I put out columns and articles that I, and others, wrote about the Radio Control flying hobby.

www.pillsburyfamily.comRight now, and for a very long time now, has mainly just had a photo gallery that I, and my sister, use to keep the distant family members up to date. 


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