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Back from vacation

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In the 10+ years of our marriage we’ve not taken many family vacations.  We’ve done a few trips to visit friends or family for a graduation or a wedding and then tacked on a couple days of sight-seeing and such, but rarely done a trip with the whole family just for the sake of getting away.  Well, we just got back from a trip that was just for the sake of taking a trip together. Eleven days ago we packed up the kids in our mini-van and headed north to visit Washington DC. Early on we had planned on a couple nights at a hotel so Alicia could visit with some on-line friends, but that got nixed as not enough people were staying in one spot and they were so freaking expensive. So instead we spent our entire time with Alicia’s Uncle Bill and Aunt Karen.

The kids had a blast at “Biyld” and “Kawen”s house (those are Grace pronunciations) with their dog Gozer and, relative to ours anyway, big backyard.  We visited the Natural History museum, Air and Space Museum, Air and Space Annex, Baltimore Aquarium, and National Zoo. The key to it being so much fun though, I think anyway, was that we didn’t push to spend all day at any place, and didn’t push to get there when they opened. Most days we got up whenever everybody woke up, had breakfast, hung around the house and played in the back yard and then went and spent 3-5 hours doing museum stuff.  We also got to see Alicia’s dad and step-mom and her grandparents who all drove down from upstate NY to visit.

We all had fun, Sam got a bubble blowing RC Car that he played with incessantly in the front driveway and back patio area (complete with not-quite-four-year-old announcer voice each time he started it up: “Are you ready for some bubbles?!?! GO! It’s a bubble attack”).  Grace managed to fall into the little pond in their backyard meditation garden while Bill was standing right there (she was trying to fish out a floating lamp I think), and wasn’t phased by the experience in the least (I was inside at the time and Bill carried her up soaking wet with a look on her face like “why are you people stopping my fun?”).  Jake tried to teach Grace how to roll down a hill, but she wasn’t so hep on the idea. They all had a blast putting out birdseed and peanuts and mealworms each morning for the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and groundhog.

I managed to fill up the hard drive on my laptop with pictures (~15gig of pictures on there now), so Alicia and I are going to have to order some prints of, and backup, the old pictures before we can dump to laptop and then upload all the new ones.

Our two parental terror moments were: A) when Grace wandered off at the National Zoo (I had handed her back off to Alicia who was taking pictures and apparently didn’t realize I had. Within 30 seconds, while I was getting a snack for Sam, she had toddled over to look at the panda 50 feet away.  Alicia also pulled her back when she ran to pick her up then) and B) when Sam got stung by a wasp at a Burger King play area somewhere in North Carolina on the way home (He was fine, though we gave him some medicine just in case, due to his severe allergy to some things, and had the Epi pen handy just in case).

All in all it was a great trip and time spent with family (and I even got some new books while we were up there).


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July 25th, 2007 at 8:43 am

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