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Fuutball and “standing up”

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No, not that kind of football, I mean soccer.  I’m personally a baseball fan, and really don’t like “American football”, but I find soccer fascinating, even if I’m not exactly a “fan”.  Well, yesterday the boys both had their first soccer practice of “the season”. For the first time they’re signed up for a soccer league (Jake’s done camps before, but never a league), though it is a church league sponsored by a local church and not the rec league which would have more competition and such.

 Jake is in a group of 8-10 year olds, which is good, because most of them are 8 and he’s actually not the smallest guy on the team.  He’s going to have to get used to being out there and running around in the heat, but that’s probably good for him to get used to anyway.  Hopefully some friendly competition will also help him try a little harder to succeed instead of just talking trash as he was wont to do when taking soccer classes in the past.

Sam is in a group of 4-5 year olds and is probably the youngest on the group, and smallest by a LONG shot. But he did pretty well, actually talking to his coach a little, and not just hiding in a corner of the field.  As most of the kids he’s playing with are double his weight (and have 6-8″ in height on him) I’ll be happy if he stays in the thick of it and doesn’t get hurt.

Grace also had fun, after she stole a ball from Sam’s team and carried and kicked it around the area between the two fields.

The “Sam Story” of the week was a few days ago after bath time.  He was sitting beside me in just his underwear and I was reading bedtime stories to him when he started to whimper. He had been a little fidgety, but I couldn’t see what he was up to because he was just out of my peripheral vision (which is limited due to the bifocals).  I ask him what the problem is and he, while pinching his nipples, says “well this one will stand up, but this one won’t”. I rolled my eyes, said “oh”, and went back to the story… as there wasn’t much to say about that.


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August 24th, 2007 at 12:05 pm

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