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No TV?

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I know there was a recent study that said you shouldn’t let a kid under two see any TV because it will make them stupid, but frankly, if we can’t trim the brain cells in our kids little bit they’re just going to outwit us for the next 20 years and we’re doomed, DOOMED I say!

So, Grace, who is almost, but not quite two, has been allowed to watch Gip-ge (Happy Feet, gip-ge being a version of penguin), Rella (Cinderella), and now Woz (Not Steve Wozniak, The Wizard of Oz).  This past weekend we had to “Watchit! WOZ!” about 347 times in a row. I would’ve been fine never seeing Oz again, but at 6:20 this morning the little tyrant came toddling out to the kitchen and told me “Wake! Watchit! Woz! TV!”. 

 If it were a purely passive experience it would probably be worse for her, but easier on me. As it is she bops and dances to each song and when “man!” (the Tin Man) comes on I have to pick her up and mimic the Tin Man dance during “If I only had a heart”.  I’m 6′3″ and 235lbs… agile and dancer are not adjectives which apply. 

“If I only had a brain,  a heart, a home, the noive!”


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September 5th, 2007 at 9:27 am

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