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The “$100″ Laptop

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A couple years ago there was a project started that aimed to design and build a laptop for $100 per unit to be given to children around the world, in developing countries, to help flatten the world even more. The design is such that it can be charged by a hand crank or solar power. They’re finally getting them ready to go out the door, but the price has gone up to $200 per unit. You can donate to the project to send a unit around the world, or they’re offering to sell you a unit for $399 with another unit going to some child around the world.

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We’re a home-schooling family and I’ve been debating purchasing a laptop for our 10 year-old, and while $400 for a $200 machine probably isn’t the best “deal”, the lesson of A) giving to somebody else as well as to him and B) the learning experience of using a play-field leveling device.

BBC Article
Project Website


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September 24th, 2007 at 9:43 am

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