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Family Update

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A) Alicia had her knee surgery last week, and is recovering slowly. The first 4 days were really rough, but she’s back up on it with crutches now and getting around some, though she does have to stay ahead of the pain.

B) Friday night, after getting up at 3AM to make sure Alicia took her pain pill, I fell down the stairs. Well, my right foot came out from under me on the stairs and I fell down hard on my backside (which is now sporting a bruise the size of a paperback and about the color of an eggplant).

C) Grace is sick.  She’s been running a fever and generally appearing to feel miserable for a couple of days now.

D) Sam is having an allergic reaction to something, and has been welting up once a day for the last 4-5 days.  A few months back he had a severe allergic reaction to, we believe, a red dye (not Red 40), so this is a bit worrisome.

E) Jake’s gotten a new euromastyx (baby) named Garra, and some californian variety of ribbon snake.  It meets our criteria for “pet snakes Jake can have” which is that it doesn’t eat fuzzy things (only fish).

F) More later.


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December 4th, 2007 at 12:53 pm

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