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Dueling OCD

I ‘ve mentioned this to many people in other forums, but realized I’d forgotten to blog it here.  After Thanksgiving Day sales usually net us a ton of toys and gifts, and a few poinsettias .  Alicia likes to pick them up for $1.50 from Home Depot toward the end of her shopping day, and this year was no different.  She got two white ones, and two red ones.

The fun part came over the weekend, as Alicia and her OCD wanted to put them white/red/white/red up the side of the stairs inside the house.  Sam’s OCD tendencies however wanted them red/red and white/white on opposite sides of the stairs at the bottom.  Throughout the weekend you’d hear the random “Who keeps moving these flowers?” from Alicia, and “I just put these flowers where I wanted them!” from Sam, as they’d then proceed to re-arrange them in the way they wanted.  The final resolution was that because mom’s OCD has coping mechanisms she’s developed over the years, and Sam doesn’t have that yet, we left them red/red and white/white at the bottom of the stairs for a while (now they’re semi-moved out of the way to make room for Alicia’s crutches as she recovers from her surgery).

This whole scenario was amusing, and as Mudge pointed out, a bit tragic.  It’s hard to watch your kids display your problems and know how hard it is for them to get around them.  You want to pass on “just the good stuff” but that’s not the way genetics works is it?


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December 7th, 2007 at 6:33 am

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