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Jakeism’s 2007

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(which sounds better than “My son, the smart###” which was my original title for this entry)
In an earlier iteration of this site I used to post “Jakeisms” when Jake would say something entertaining or amusing.  Tonight while he was practicing violin he got distracted by the Christmas tree and I said:

“Jake, I don’t think the christmas tree is part of your practice”

at which point he broke into a very nice rendition of “Oh Christmas Tree” completely by ear… with a big “I’m so clever” grin on his face… *sigh*

As I was posting this Alicia chimed down from upstairs that Grandma had just told Sam to go potty.

Sam: “I don’t go potty without an assistant. I don’t know what that means but…”



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December 14th, 2007 at 9:37 pm

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