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On Andruw and Tommy

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Going into the 2008 season, the Atlanta Braves are going to be without Andruw Jones for the first time in Jake’s life.  They’ll also have Tom Glavine back for the first time in Sam’s life.  I’m glad to see Tommy back (I don’t expect an ace performance from him, but he’ll eat up some innings and be a good influence on some of our young lefties), and I’m sad to see Andruw move on.  I understand that the Braves can’t afford Andruw anymore, and that it’s best for him to move to somebody who can pay him (the Dodgers, as it turned out, shelled out $38+ Mil for him for two years), but I sure hope he’s able to come back and finish up his career here somehow too (I’d hold out for Greg Maddux too, but it looks like that’s not happening).

So, Welcome back Tommy! All the best Andruw!

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December 15th, 2007 at 9:25 am

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