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Tic Tac D’oh!

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Samism: First Week of April 2006

Alicia’s Mom had given Sam a Tic Tac for something or other last time she saw him and left the container of them in our van. Sometime this past week when Alicia was buckling Sam into the car seat he asked if he could have one. They were sitting in his cup holder apparently and Alicia said she’d give him one in just a minute. He calmed down and let her buckle him and get on the road. She realized a couple seconds later that she’d forgotten to give him one, but he was being so good and quiet that she didn’t want to say anything and get him talking again and wake up his sister or get him upset because she couldn’t reach back and hand him one while driving.

Cut to the arrival. Alicia gets out and opens the back door where Sam is sitting in his car seat with an empty (and crushed like a beer can) tic tac container in his lap.

Alicia: “Sammy! did you eat all those Tic Tacs?!?!”

Sam: “No!” (and he points to the floor) “I frew DAT one on the ground!” (big grin)

He realized if he talked while she was driving she might look back and bust him for eating the whole container. Then he realized that he STILL might get it for eating the whole container so he dropped one on the floor so it was out of temptations way so he could be SURE to not eat ALL of them.

I love that kid.


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April 8th, 2006 at 11:10 pm

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